Delicious Rabeko Zero sauces: low-calorie, zero-sugar, zero-fat

Want to enjoy great sauces with your meals, while still making a healthy choice? The Rabeko Zero Sauce range gives you sauces with almost no calories. Our various sauces are delicious with dishes like fish, meat, fries and many other tasty foods. All our sugar-free options let you enjoy your favourite sauce with no worries. Meaning you can enjoy your tasty meal even more. So what are the reasons for trying a Rabeko light sauce?

What makes Rabeko Zero Sauce unique?

Fancy making your meal even tastier – without it making you fat? Rabeko Zero Sauce is just as tasty as normal sauce, but low in calories. The sauces come in all kinds of flavours and can be enjoyed both warm and cold. Rabeko sauces are sweetened with the sweetener sucralose. This has a taste close to sugar, but without the high level of carbohydrates and sugars. What’s more, all Rabeko sauces, with the exception of Mayo, are suitable for vegans.

5.0 rating

Gisteren besteld via de webshop, vandaag reeds geleverd. Sauzen zijn super, hiermee kunnen diabetici toch ook genieten van een sausje bij slaatje/barbecue/dessert.

Kurt Winkelmans
5.0 rating

Zowel de mayo, snack, andalouse en samoerai al getest en goedgekeurd! Ideaal om al die vettige sauzen te vervangen en nog lekker van smaak ook 👌🏻

5.0 rating

De sausen zijn gewoon overheerlijk van smaak, als diabetespatiënt is dit mijn favoriet merk !

Rex Quintyn
5.0 rating

Super heerlijk en geweldige klantenservice.
In 1 woord: de neigste sauzen ever!!!!

Katrin Raemdonck

Your reasons for choosing Rabeko sauces

There are all kinds of good reasons for choosing our healthy sauce. So we’ve lined them up for you here:

  • Each Rabeko Zero Sauce is low in calories.
  • All Rabeko sauces are free of fat and/or sugar.
  • You can choose from a wide range of sauces.
  • Each Rabeko sauce you order before 11pm will be delivered to you the next working day.

Are you looking for a healthy sauce to pep up a savoury or sweet dish? With our varied range of sauces you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. So scroll through the various Rabeko sauces and discover all the great varieties.

Try Rabeko’s healthy sauce

Looking for a sugar-free sauce or a light sauce? With Rabeko’s 15 great flavours, you’re spoilt for choice. You can enjoy the great taste without worrying about fattening calories. So Rabeko Zero Sauce means eating responsibly. Order online and discover all the benefits on offer.

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